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Cels prices holding steady, maybe inching up a bit?
last modified: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 (1:40:13 PM CST)
Has anyone else noticed if cel prices are starting to ramp back up again? It seems as though up until the end of 2009 cel prices were dropping steadily, but after getting knocked out of bids for the last month or so is the cel market prices starting to inch up again?

For most of '09 I started seeing prime cel pieces come up about 30%-40% off what their highs were a few years ago so I was able to snap up some cels from shows at a good deal. Then when some cels started popping up for sale on eBay, I thought I was getting in some good deals then the ending prices started going way beyond my limit which may need to be adjusted again if prices start crawling back up.

I'm seeing Miyazaki pieces at 50% off going fast, but even some Evangelion cels at the same sale price just sitting for a while even when they used to go at lighting speeds.

Do you think prices are going back up since prime cels are starting to be sold off from collector's sets now as they may be exiting the hobby or picking up sets at good prices which they parse out on auction sites. Or is the market stabilizing now that collectors are realizing this is the time to pick up the pieces that have been even higher than before?

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Insure your cel collection.
last modified: Thursday, January 15, 2009 (10:08:44 PM CST)
Word to the wise, since you're cel collection can be a very expensive hobby don't forget to catalog, record prices you've paid as well as keep track of your collection (thank you RS) for insurance purposes.

Check with you agent if you have home owners or renter's insurance to make sure you are properly covered just like your expensive electronics, appliances and jewelry since cels are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable.

Last thing you need to worry in case of a fire, flood, quake, tornado, etc. and your collection is gone is trying to figure out how you can be covered for all the money you put into this expensive hobby.
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Decided to stop collecting cels due to gas prices?
last modified: Saturday, August 23, 2008 (8:57:29 AM CST)
I haven't purchased new cels in a while. Thought about buying a Macross DYRL on eBay of a Q-Rau suit that was nice for $70, but since prices are a bit steep these days I had to hold off. When it comes to fuel, durable goods, and putting money together for a 20% down payment for a house in So. Cal (approx. $60k) collecting cels has moved down the list.

I've purged most of the collections I've had since high school and college. Sold off my old comic books, PS2 games, Transformers, GI Joe and other toys but haven't touched the cels yet since they take up the least space and still too-attached to let them go.

I know I'll be kicking myself for not getting cels that have popped up on Y!J since Macross cels have x2 to x3 their prices since the last couple of years. Crazy. This week I'm going to sell off some of my golf items and even some Dreamcast games I have (didn't know that some of them are selling for $50 like Marvel vs. Capcom 2).
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San Diego Comic Con 2007 Review- Part 3
last modified: Monday, July 30, 2007 (12:19:52 PM CST)
SD Comic Con Gripes:

•The traffic of people inside, bumper to bumper.
•No room in aisles to pass through due to the amount of people.
•Some comic publishers selling their trade paperbacks at cover price, come on at least do 15-20% off to drum so interest in your books.
•Just a handful of booth babes. =-(
•All collectibles/toys being sold I’ve seen at my local Toys R Us, Target, etc., very low level of old school toys seen.
•Most comics sold were Silver or Golden age, for someone like me that was looking for 80s-early 90s items was hard to get some items for my collection.
•Stinky people. Please put some cologne and take a shower before going to a Con since people are going to be close together.
•People with strollers.
•People with long posters sticking out of their bag that impale you as you try and pass them by.

Items Purchased:
•Hard Hero’s poly resin statue of the Transformer’s Decepticon enemy, Devastator- $20
•Hasbro’s limited edition Transformers Alternator’s Rodimus- $25
•Super Friend’s Wonder Woman animation sketch/douga- $15
•Super Friend’s The Atom animation sketch/douga – Free
•80s Robotech comic Destroid #1 and Wings of Gibraltar #2- $4 (paid too much I think)
•Anime cel from Guyver show- $25

Misc. Items
•Parking- $12
•Sunday admission fee- $15

TOTAL: $116.00
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San Diego Comic Con 2007 Review- Part 2
last modified: Monday, July 30, 2007 (12:19:03 PM CST)
So now it was time to WALK THE CON.

I’ve only attended Comic Con on a Sunday about 2 yrs. ago and that day was sparse of visitors, this year was packed, almost a Saturday traffic in my eyes. It was bumper to bumper traffic, pushing and squeezing through the narrow aisles and booths. I overheard attendants from Saturday say that that day was even more packed, which I could hardly believe since I don’t know how people could even squeeze through. For Con attendees, please don’t
take your babies and young children to the Con if they require a stroller! I thought the strollers was banned before, but those with them were trying to squeeze in areas where they didn’t have room causing people to hurdle or push to one side. I feel bad for those in wheel chairs since there was a good amount of them there, and there was just no room. I had a game plan to zig zag through the booths in order to see them, but the traffic was too large that I just visited the booths that I could maneuver to without getting crushed. For a comic book convention, only about 15-20% of the booths I saw had comic books, most of the booths were media related (Star Wars, Pirates, Sci Fi channel, Hasbro, Mattel, etc.).

It took me a full 5.5 hours to see the whole convention center (compared to just an hour at Anime Expo for size and traffic comparison) and I didn’t even get to see any panels or go upstairs to the autograph area. None of the items were really out of the normal I haven’t seen before, swords, Transformers, Manga, DVDs, Dr. Who items, independent comic booths, etc. I didn’t even see rare TF Titanium toys (The Fallen, Ultra Magnus, etc.) that I never saw at retail. On the anime cel side, slim pickings this year. Only saw about 4-5 small booths with cels. The biggest was the Eaton Gallery from Sherman Oaks, CA where I got a couple Super Friends dougas, but they specialize in mostly American cels (Warner Bros, Hanna Barbera, Disney). Was able to get a free sketch of the Atom from the SF show since instead of a price on the label it said “Free- Just Ask” and so as I was paying for the WW sketch the guy looked at the “Free” listing and asked another co-worker since they never saw it before, but they gave it to me free (another similar sketch was $5). I liked the cels they had from the 90s Iron Man (plain cels around $30) and sketches from the new Teen Titans and Justice League shows, but they were going for a minimum of $750-$1k. My only cel purchase was a cel of the enemy look-alike Guyver Aptom from the Lost Numbers Zoanoid team with sketch.

Kept staring at the watch since on Sunday the Con closes at 5 p.m. instead of the normal 7 p.m. I was nearly done with the booths at 4:30 a.m. but wanted to circle in on some items to pick up. I really wanted to get the huge, oversized Smallville bags that was the size of a person that everyone was carrying around, but I couldn’t find the booth. Also tried to get a “Vote for Petrelli” campaign button from the Heroes booth but it was packed since they did raffles throughout the day. Decided to leave around 4:30 a.m. an hour and a half before closing to escape the traffic out of San Diego. So ends my day at SDCC 2007 and to my Con experience in SD for the foreseeable future.

•Saw Levar Burton (Reading Rainbow host, Geordie LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Captain Sisko’s son from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine show signing autographs from a booth. Though they charged $20 for the autographs or pic to be taken with them. Also saw the chief engineer actor from the Battlestar Galactica new series.
•Still a good place to see all the upcoming toys and collectibles from manufacturers.
•You can get a drawing from big-level artists….if you have a lot of money to drop.
•Easy registration process, not a lot of lines to wait in just to get into the Con.
•Able to get exclusive toys made just for SDCC
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San Diego Comic Con 2007 Review- Part 1
last modified: Monday, July 30, 2007 (12:17:16 PM CST)
San Diego Comic Con 2007 review

I attended the Sunday, August 29th Comic Con and boy was it packed and I’m sure that is the report you will hear from most attendants. I originally planned on attending the usually big Saturday event, but just over a week until the show, the Saturday show (and four day passes) was sold out, a first! And then as the week came closer to the Con, both Thursday and Friday sold out as well. I then booked the Sunday show ticket on Friday just in case, and glad I did as Saturday morning came around and Sunday was sold out as well. All four days at Comic Con were officially SOLD OUT, no walk-ins or anything.

After reading reports that Friday & Saturday was busy and packed, I was glad I chose Sunday since I just wanted to see Comic Con one last time since it has become so big, and hour and a half worth of driving, and my friend’s have also stopped going, so this year’s show was suppose to be the last hurrah. I haven’t attended Comic Con in about two years, and I ended up getting to the show about an hour early (9:30 a.m. was when it was stated that the registration doors open and 10 a.m. to the exhibit hall). I parked near the convention center just across the street, but the parking cost was a whopping $20.00 for the day, heck no! I drove a couple blocks and found another parking lot…same thing $20.00. Well I remember last time just paying $10.00 so I kept looking, ended up settling for $12.00 for a stall at an ACE parking structure next to the S.D. Padre’s Petco Park baseball stadium.

Now after attending Anime Expo this year, I was prepared for a long wait, maybe an hour. Well Comic Con is head and shoulders above the crew at AX. I walked into the Con at 9a.m. (30 mins. Before the reg. was suppose to open) and was directed to go upstairs to the registration booths, went up the escalator and proceeded to get my badge from a young lady, all-in-all taking about five minutes to register and get my badge, now that’s class. The AX people need to take a cue from SDCC since they have a larger area, more attendees and still manage to get people in ON TIME! The only problem I experienced at the beginning was lining up in the hallway to the escalators to go into the exhibit hall, waiting for 10 minutes then was directed by staff telling everyone that the line was OUTSIDE. So I had to get in another line and wait, waited 30 mins. until 10 a.m. Read the program guide while waiting, sad that the majority of stars and events happen on Saturday, even the autograph booths are sparse on Sunday.

Finally at 10 a.m. the line started moving, once inside I tried to look for the Hasbro Toy Shop booth so I could get my limited edition Transformers Alternator Rodimus and Titanium Menasor. The Con is huge for those who’ve never attended (almost ½-3/4 mile long I think end to end with tons of booths lining back-to-back of each other) so I had to circle back to get to the Hasbro booth. Ended up waiting in line again, about 20-30 minutes. Once I got to the front of the line, it was announced that the Menasor was sold out, so they didn’t even have enough for Sunday which I think is ridiculous. Got the TF Rodimus though. Lucky though they did inform us that the next day the items would be available online, so I was able to order the Menasor today, plus shipping & tax of course, dang you Hasbro!

Now that I had Rodimus, my next thing to do was get some original sketches from the artist’s alley. My main reason to go to SDCC was to get original drawings from comic pros, I’ve only done it a few times before and all for about $20 for some water color drawings. I saw the Green Lantern DC artist there, but sketches was $150, another was $150 as well, Adam Hughes was charging $250. Even a basic baseball card size head sketch by some was $20. Now I thought those were a bit high so I passed since I have a artist who I’ve commissioned work from before doing big 11x17 drawings for less than half those prices. So I was disappointed
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Anime Expo 2007 Recap
last modified: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 (10:28:16 PM CST)
I attended just the Saturday event after picking up my ticket & badge on Day 0 (so no extra hour or so in line for that thing). Stood in line for about two hours to get into the Expo and got in roughly 15 minutes after 10 a.m. The con in Long Beach was spread out as noted by other attendees. I was able to view most of the dealers in about an hour and spent the rest of the day taking pics. I was staking out two Marcoss cels of the Roy Fokker VF-1S valkryie and came back only to find one left after walking around. Ended up buying the cel since Macross is almost gone from everyone's collection to sell except the expensive items ranging from $500-over $1k. I spoke to a cel dealer I bought some Macross cels from a couple years ago and he said that they're pretty much gone and only a few dealers still carry them. Same with Mospeada and SD Southern Cross cels.

This may be my last Anime Expo (attended 3 total) since 2007 will be in L.A. at the convention center and I dislike that area (I worked across from there before and I pity the kids in their costumes walking around downtown L.A. with the bums and gangs). Plus most of the anime products sold or cosplayed are the new ones and I don't watch anime apart from the new Guyver. So since most 80s cels are gone from the dealers at AX, I will be skipping AX for a while until it comes back to Anaheim where it's close to me and I can just hop on in to see all the wacky coplayers.

See you guys potentially as San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks which may also be my last SDCC.
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Anime Expo here I come...
last modified: Friday, June 29, 2007 (12:08:54 AM CST)
Actually went today "Day 0" to pick up my badge and badge holder at the Long Beach Convention Center since I wanted to avoid the 2 hours waits I had when I picked up those items during the usual Saturday mad lines. I even asked the lil' lady to come with me so I could take the carpool land from Orange County to Long Beach (Nope she's not going since she doesn't find the wackiness of AX as amusing as me).

Made it to LB in about an hour and saw a huge line outside, I gasped...but that line was actually for tickets for the big show events. Went downstairs and got in line for the pre-registered people and that took about 15 minutes! Hopefully the line to get into the convention is better this year at Long Beach compared to the slow grind it was last year at Anaheim.

There were even kids in costumes today and the Expo doesn't even start til tomorrow. Saw a Hamburgler, Valentine dude from Final Fantasy, and some Naruto Cosplayers. Looking forward to Saturday already!
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New hobbies to replace cel collecting?
last modified: Friday, February 23, 2007 (1:48:56 AM CST)
As noted previously the cel collection of mine has slowed to a trickle since the series' that I collect have pretty much slowed to a crawl on Ebay, Rinkya and online cel dealers. I don't see any nice Macross, Voltron, Gundam, or original artwork anymore showing up anymore or at least at decent prices. So I've gone ahead and pretty much transferred my energies to my new hobby...Golf.

Yes, there is another hobby besides gold, rare coins & stamps, and cel collecting that is just as expensive. I've started playing golf last year and had a really cheapo club set. Then I just started upgrading my clubs, golf course fees, golf accessories, golf clothes & shoes, and the driving range fees. It all adds up quick, I spend $40 a week just on the driving range.

Oh well, until a nice new skull leader cel from Macross or a full body shot of the RX-78 from Gundam show up for sale I'm going to go buy a new Taylor Made R7 driver now.
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Wanna know the Top 10 most expensive cels?
last modified: Friday, January 05, 2007 (6:26:36 PM CST)
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How to store really large cels/artwork?
last modified: Friday, December 08, 2006 (11:33:41 AM CST)
I've recently received two oversized original sketches and paintings (Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets and Batman: The Dark Knight) that are approximatley 15"x22" and 19"x13" each. Now seeing that they are both too oversized for my already big cel folder (My cel folders are able to accomodate pan cels up to 10.5"x 9") how do other RS members store some of their oversized cels or artwork for tips? Right now I have both wrapped in tissue paper under our bed until I can maybe get a plastic storage bin, kind of like the holiday bins you use to store your holiday decorations.
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Macross Caricature of Me....and my wife!
last modified: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 (2:32:03 PM CST)
Along with the rest of you folks out there, I've noticed the quality of cels out in the marketplace has slowed down tremendously. So apart from not making any cel purchases in the past few months and trying my hand at original comic book art with no success I've been buying commission artwork. If you've seen my gallery for a while I've commission comic book artist Greg Lane to create pieces from Anime that I like such as Marcoss, Gundam, Robotech (eh!), Transformers and such. After Greg learned that I got married a couple months back he did this nice caricature piece of my wife and I from the "Super Ostrich" flight scene from the movie Macross: Do You Remember Love as Hikaru and Minmei. I now have this sitting on a mantle and will keep it out until my wife makes me put it away. =-). You can check out the drawing in my Original Art section.
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Toy Collection photos now in Photo Album section
last modified: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 (2:12:58 PM CST)
Thanks to the RS addition of the Photo Album section, I can now showcase my recent set-up of my toy & hobbies on display. Super-geeky-ness!

Besides animation cel collection, I also collect toys and such from my childhood that I either couldn't afford or could not get ahold of back in the 1980's (so, so long ago). I plan on geeking out a full room in my house when I'm able to purchase a home in this crazy So. Californian housing market.
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Just can't stop buying cels...
last modified: Thursday, February 09, 2006 (3:06:51 AM CST)
Every month I say to myself that's it for me for cel collecting, time to say all that money for a down payment on a house in freakishly ultra expensive Orange County, So. California. And what happens when I try and stop? Well a really cool cel from my childhood t.v. show or a cel pops up from a show that is so old that it's rare to get that I have to get it before it disappears. I've done this for like the last six months, but now I'm gonna quit. I mean it. Really, this time. Oh wait, a cel from Macross is available with all the main characters in it? Ok, just once more then...
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No more cool cels?
last modified: Thursday, October 20, 2005 (2:04:41 PM CST)
Well it looks like there's a vacuum in the cels being sold right now with ones that I like. It's been a dearth of Macross, Robotech, good Gundam mecha, cheap Ranma 1/2 cels for the last few months. It's kind of a good thing since I've been toning back to save for big expenses next week. I did break down and buy off Rinkya the Gundam 08th MS Team cel since it was a pretty good buy.
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Waning Supply of Cels...
last modified: Friday, September 16, 2005 (2:49:54 PM CST)
So does anyone ou there who collects big 80's cartoon cels, especially robot or mecha-mased shows see a big decline recently of quality cels? I've slowed down tremendously in collecting since I have not seen any quality Macross/Robotech, Gundam or that type of show cels in the past few months. Apart from some Mosepeada cels that popped up a while back that just got a bit priced out, the shows I like are not appearing anymore and the quality cels are mostly from comedy-type or current shows that do now have Mecha anymore.
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last modified: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 (8:37:36 PM CST)
Man, the Macross/Robotech DYRL Skull Leader cel I just received looks great. Definitely going to have to frame it.
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Big purchases are coming!
last modified: Monday, August 08, 2005 (6:17:59 PM CST)
So August is a big purchase month, stay tuned for tons of updates!
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From days of long ago...Voltron!
last modified: Monday, July 11, 2005 (4:28:57 PM CST)
Whoo! A Voltron cel, and a full body shot to boot. Picked up from fellow RS member, Kett and now he's sitting in my gallery. Before Robotech, Voltron was THE cartoon to watch for me. Super cheesy when I saw it again, but when you in 4th grade, Voltron was THE SHIZZNIT!

More cels to come, see you at Comic-Con!
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See ya at Anime Expo!
last modified: Friday, July 01, 2005 (11:48:52 AM CST)
Well, I won't be able to hang out with the Rubberslug group unfortunately. But if any of you will be attending the Robotech panels on Saturday, I guess I'll see you around. And if you see a fella perusing intensely at the anime cel dealers booths looking over, Macross, Robotech, Gatchaman, and Gundam cels. Say "Hi," 'cause that'll be me.
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Odd places to find cels at?
last modified: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 (9:00:46 PM CST)
Just a quick memo that I've seeen and picked up a couple cels at flea markets recently. I've seen some Conan The Adventurer, Paw Paw Bears and tons of My Little Pony cels from the Pasadena and Long Beach flea markers. I've even picked up my most recent Guyver cel and my girlfriend picked up a Smurf cel from flea markets last month. For some reason, whereever I go, I do see someone selling My Little Pony cels. So where have you seen cels being sold at that you didn't expect to be carrying them?
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More Guyver cels, less money.
last modified: Monday, May 23, 2005 (6:22:43 PM CST)
So I've ended up getting ahold of more Guyver cels, most through eBay and some through dealers. Right now I'm finding myself trying to get ahold of cels from most of the Gundam series. I was able to win off Mandarake a MS Gundam cel of the actual robot from the original t.v. series which I've been in the lookout for in a long time. Also recently won a Gundam cel from the 08th MS Team. Now all I'm looking to get is a Gundam cel from the 0083 Stardust memory series as well as Gundam X. Though I'm trying to cut back on cel purchases, I still can't back away from it.
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Finally, I have Guyver cels!
last modified: Thursday, April 14, 2005 (3:01:55 PM CST)
I'm really hoping my cel buying spree should be over by May. I've purchased a good amount of cels from Japan, Hong Kong, Arizona, New Jersey, Florida, etc. So all the cels I've seen at the on-line stores I know of that I wanted I pretty much just snapped-up just to get it over with. Heck, even my girlfriend is telling me to chill on the buying since I'm aboslutely nuts! Plus I know I'll be over this current collecting fad of mine within a year. Same as all other fads I've had from years past such as Marvel & D.C. comics action figure toys, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and most recently Macross/Robotech toys. I'm not even counting the martial arts weapons collecting I did a while back. Oh well.

On the cel topic, I finally have Bio Booster Armor Guyver cels! Picked it off a shop that was selling them since all the ones that showed up on eBay were always won by freakin' HolyTerror. So take that HolyTerror, Ha Ha Ha! I got some nice ones of Guyver 1 & 3. But the super sweet one I'll be posting in a bit is a sequence of Guyver 1 transforming that's really nice that when I originally ordered the cel I thought it was just one cel, they guy through in two more from the sequence!

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The horrors of cel buying sprees!
last modified: Monday, April 04, 2005 (1:32:29 AM CST)
Well I don't know what's happened, but these last few weeks I've been picking up cels like crazy even though I'm still new to this. I usually go from fad to fad collecting every few years, now it's cels. I've dropped a hefty amount of $$$ that I care not to think of it since I just got hit with a $1,000 car repair bill, $400 traffic ticket/school bill as well as relatives from out of town that I need to show around. Oh cels, you are pure evil!
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My Macross Dream Cel, Finally!
last modified: Monday, March 28, 2005 (7:24:19 PM CST)
Well, after having cels of cartoons that I liked watching growing up, I still never had a cel from the shows I loved. My trinity of shows I was totally into were Voltron, Transformers and Robotech. While I did get an Optimus Prime cel (though from his Lio-Convoy form from the Japanese Beast Warss II cartoon) and still striking out on Voltron, I still haven't have a Macross/Robotech valkryie cel. So I was determined to get one soon, so after Wizard World L.A. came around, I found a dealer who had Macross DYRL cels, I found a few valkryie cels of Roy's VF-1S and picked up this one of him blasting away some enemies. FINALLY! Now onto that Voltron cel.
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Wizard World L.A. Anyone?
last modified: Monday, March 21, 2005 (7:47:51 PM CST)
So did anyone go to Wizard World L.A. 2005 this weekend? I don't like how the admission is the same as the San Diego Comic-Con, for $25 it's way overpriced and it's a lot smaller. The program read that it'll be relocating to the L.A. convention center next year. I wasn't able to stay too long, about a couple hours since my girlfriend who I took along abosolutely did not like standing and just staring at things. I did pick up a few things that I saw.

I got a couple of Street Fighter Alpha OAV cels from the Bandai booth, $10 each, though it looked like a lot were bought already. I also picked up a He-Man & Battle Cat cel that looked really great for about $50, I saw some on e-Bay selling before and those prices were past $100! Also picked up a Hordak from She-Ra cel from the bargain bin. The seller had a booth dedicated mainly to American cartoons such as He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, Exo-Squad, old-school Batman, Superman, Shazam and Aquaman toons also. I also broke down and bought a cel from the Anime-Link booth from the Macross DYRL movie, I wanted a Valkryie cel so bad and I bought the cheapest one they had, and it wasn't cheap! They weren't bargaining on price unless you bought at least two, and I just ran out of cash earlier so no deal. Though I know I'll see them at the S.D. comic con anyway.

Does anyone know if at the Anahiem Anime Expo coming up if there are a lot of dealers selling cel art?
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What's the most $$ you spent on a cel?
last modified: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 (6:56:18 PM CST)
We all know that cel collecting is not a cheap hobby, and while it's not cheap it's also very addictive. So lots of $$$ + Addictive = Crazy Money!

So what's the most you've spent on a cel so far? When I first started I bought a cel here and there, usually around $15-25 a pop. Not much. Now that it's getting addictive, the most I've spent were $100, $75 and $50. How about you?
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Whatcha gonna do with your cels?
last modified: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 (1:51:02 PM CST)
Since we're all collectors or fans of animation enough that we buy cels, what do you end up doing with them? Do you collect them and store them away only to look at them from time to time in a cel folder, do you mount and frame them to display in your home in order to enjoy them daily, or do you just have them lying around the house willy nilly having friends or family see your latest acquisition?
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Beaten again! Why oh why?
last modified: Thursday, March 03, 2005 (6:50:30 PM CST)
Well my quest to get a Guyver cel failed again today. Beat out by a cpuple guys on 6 cels I was bidding on. One guy won about 5 of them, and he's beaten me in the past as well. I woudn't be surprise is he's on this site. Well I guess I have to buy a Guyver cel from an online store since I'm tired of bidding on them.

Here's the final price and the price I was placing on for them. I would have gone higher, but I was stuck in a meeting as the auctions were closing.
#41 Final price:$26.02, My Bid:$11.00
#38 Final price:$53.02, My Bid: $11.00
#31 Final price:$61.00, My Bid: $31.00
#30 Final price:$93.99, My Bid: $17.00
#29 Final price:$34.00, My Bid: $31.00
#27 Final price:$56.02, My Bid: $41.00
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No if's and's or but's!
last modified: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 (1:50:22 AM CST)
So far in my short amount of time collecting, there's been two cels I've wished I had the opportunity to win online. Since I started off picking up a few cheap cels on auction sites, $15-$25, I never really researched or knew how rare certain cels were. Now that I've seen how hard it is to come by certain cels, I wish that went the extra step and bidded more heavily to win them. The first one I wish I won was a Voltron cel of the actual robot himeself that I let pass by, a very rare cel it is. A second cel I wish I didn't let go was from the Macross/Robotech t.v. show; it was a cel of Max's VF-1A valkryie in robot mode. I think the final price for it was around $75. Now I see how rare any type of mecha it is to get from the show and from something that hard to find, the $75 was nothing. So remember to not let the opportunity pass you by when you see something you want. it!".
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In search of the Guyver
last modified: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 (1:35:57 AM CST)
I'm now trying to get Bio-Booster Armor Guyver cels! But I keep getting outbidded. D'oh!
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