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 Thundercars #0 - Signed by Jason Scott Campbell

 Batman #267- Signed by Ernie Chan

 Adventure Comics #437- Signed by Ernie Chan

 The Secret Society of Super Villains #4- Signed by Ernie Chan

 Batman: Dark Victory #0- Signed by Jeff Loeb & Tim Sale

 Wetworks #1 Signed by Whilce Portacio

 The Phantom Stranger- Signed by Mike Mignola

 Superman / Shazam: First Thunder Signed by Johsua Middleton

 Supergirl (Vol. 4) #26 Signed by Drew Johnson

 Supergirl (Vol. 4) #25 Signed by Drew Johnson

 Supergirl (Vol. 4) #24 Signed by Drew Johnson

 Supergirl (Vol. 4) #23 Signed by Drew Johnson

 Sergio Aragones Detroys the D.C.- Signed by Sergia Aragones

 The Saga of the Swamp Thing Signed by Bernie Wrightson

 Metamorpho and Aquaman #1 Signed by Joshua Middleton

 LBCC 2010 Program Signed by Jeff Loeb

 Black Hawk: Book 1- Signed by Howard Chaykin

 Batman: Haunted Knight TPB Signed by Jeff Loeb

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