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It's 2039, and humanity is enjoying a new prosperity thanks to the Shizuma Drive, an energy source that is completely recycleable and pollution-free. Use of the Drive has become so widespread in the last ten years that petroleum is no longer being pumped, and all nuclear reactors have been closed.

However, not everything is peaceful, as the Big Fire Organization schemes for control of the world! Fighting against it is the International Police Organization, with their most valuable members forming the Experts of Justice. These valiant men and women fight to protect mankind from the mechanations of Big Fire!
Giant Robo, an anime OAV (Original Animation Video) series. Giant Robo is essentially the story of a twelve-year-old boy, Kusama Daisaku, who is a member of the Peking branch of the Experts primarily because he controls Giant Robo, 'the world's mightiest robot'. It's essentially a coming-of-age tale with really awesome animation, a terrific plot, and an amazing soundtrack. (Synopsis courtesy of:

 Giant Robo - Ginrei

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