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Mobile Suit Gundam III opened to great success in Japan in 1982, but the sequel
series Zeta Gundam did not begin airing until March 1985. During the three years in between, Tomino created two other famous mecha series: Aura Battler Dunbine and Heavy Metal L.Gaim. Once the series did appear, it turned the Gundam universe upside down.

Set seven years after the original series in UC 0087, much has changed. The Federation, previously seen as the 'good guys' were now quite the opposite with the cruel elite Titans force. Originally created to destroy Zeon resistance following Operation Stardust (see Gundam 0083), the Titans have oppressed spacenoids for years. Dissatisfied citizens of the Federation and Zeon join together to create the rebel group AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group). Top members include Bright Noa and Char Aznable (under the pseudonym Quattro Bajeena). Although Amuro Ray plays a supporting role in this series, the true star is Kamille Bidan, a young pilot who hates the Titans. Because of its dark tone and epic storyline, Zeta Gundam is considered by many fans to be the best Gundam series created by Tomino.

Although the TV series has not aired on U.S. television, it is available on DVD. For the 20th anniversary of the series in 2005, Tomino returned to the Zeta Gundam storyline to create the compilation film trilogy Zeta Gundam: A New Translation. (Synopsis courtesy of Mahq.net)

 Z Gundam mobile suit

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