Voltron: Defender of The Universe

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A long time ago, in this galaxy far, far away, a group of scientists on the planet Arus created a robot named Voltron as the ultimate defense system. But bad guy Zarkon had it out for the robot, and after being defeated several times in his futile attempts, he sent his witch Haggar to do his dirty work for him. Disguising herself as a goddess in distress, Haggar put a curse on Voltron that split him into five lion-shaped pieces and forced him into hibernation. Lucky for Voltron, a band of space explorers came along sometime around the 25th century and discovered the five sleeping lions. And none too soon, as Zarkon had already established his reign over the galaxy.

Each space explorer piloted one of the lion pieces. The leader of the group was Keith, who helmed the Black Lion and directed the formation of Voltron. Lance, the pilot of the Red Lion, was the sassy one, never missing an opportunity for a sarcastic comment. The Blue Lion pilot was the Norwegian Sven, alhtough he was replaced early in the series by the beautiful Princess Allura and her caretaker, Nanny. The tough guy of the pack, Hunk, piloted the Yellow Lion, while the Green Lion pilot, Pidge, was remarkably agile despite his outward geekiness.

When the danger got really heavy (and thankfully, it did in every episode), the five lions would form the feet, legs, arms, torso, and head of Voltron. The assembled mega-robot wielded the mighty Sword of Arus in the defense of his people and planet. (Synopsis courtesy of absoluteanime.com)

 Voltron - Lion team descending for action

 OA Lion and Vehicle Voltron

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