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Robotech: The New Generation Background
The Robotech version of events takes a much different route to come to the same start. At the end of the Second Robotech War, the protoculture matrix hiden in the hulk of the SDF-1 was destroyed by the destruction of the Robotech Masters Flagship, but not before the Invid Flower of Life seeds were spread over the Earth. The nearby Invid Sensor Nebular sent this information to the remaining half of the Invid that were led by the Regiss. With no choice because this was the one place in the universe where the Flower of Life actually grew in large numbers the Invid proceeded to our planet. Appearing from hyperspace the Invid fell upon the humans cities and armies, wiping out the mere vermin that would dare live in the same location as their secared flower. All the remantes of the Armies of the Southern Cross fought a losing battle and were rolled over in days. The Invid enslaved the human race to process the flower for the Invid, while the human resistance that had sprung up and few scattered SC units on the moon tried to defeat them.

On the other side of the universe, the Robotech Expeditionary Force that was sent to ensure peace between the Robotech Masters and Earth, but instead ran into the Regent and his Invid forces. The REF had finally defeated his Invid hordes was preparing to recapture their homeworld. The returning REF troops had not even seen this little blue planet, having been born in space and just graduated from military academies on REF controled Tirol. These troops are trained with detailed knowlege of the Invid under the Regent and believe that they will soon defeat those of the Regiss as well. However the Regiss's Invid are far more deadlier and the Mars Division attack wave is soon destroyed before even reaching the surface. The lone survior is Lt. Scott Bernard and our story reachs the same point as the Mospeada version. (Synopsis courtesy of

 Mospeada / Robotech - Scott Bernard aka Stigg

 Robotech - Mosepeada - Scott in Cyclone Armor fighting dinosaur

 Robotech - Mospeada Rook

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