Gundam The 08th M.S. Team

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In early 1996, Sunrise released this new One Year War side story close the end of Gundam Wing's TV run. Directed by Tateyuki Kanda, this 12 episode OVA series emphasizes the common soldier aspect of Gundam 0080 and Gundam 0083, which means there are no Newtypes to be found here. The story centers around rookie Federation pilot Shiro Amada and his soldiers of the 08th M.S. Team as they fight the Zeon in Southeast Asia towards the end of the One Year War. Featuring grand orchestrated music and redesigned mecha from designer Kunio Okawara, this series is a treat for fans of the One Year War. (Synopsis courtesy of

 Gundam O8th MS Team

 Gundam Aina Sahalin

 Gundam 08th MS Team Ez8 Mecha Cel

 Two Gundams from 08th MS Team OVA

 08th MS Gundam in action

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