Bio Booster Armor Guyver

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Cels from Bio Booster Armor Guyver. From both the original series & series II.

Sho Fukamachi, a young school boy, discovers a mysterious metal object. A blinding flash, and Sho finds that he has accidentally fused with the Guyver, an alien bio-armor of unlimited power. To save the life of his girlfriend, Mizuky Segawa, Sho must battle the Chronos Corporation and their biomorphic creatures, the Zoanoids. Only the power of the Guyver can stop Chronos plan's to rule the world. (Synopsis courtesy of

 Guyver starting transformation

 Guyver mid-transformation

 Guyver end transformation

 Guyver Head Shot

 Guyver Head Turning

 Guyver 1 and Masaki Murakami

 Guyver III ready for action

 Guyver Proto-Zoalord

 Bio Booster Armor Guyver cel of Aptom Injured

 Guyver Mizuki Close Up

 Guyver Mizuki in school outfit

 Guyver Agito Makashima 1

 Guyver Masaki Murakami shooting

 Guyver Masaki Murakami Close Up

 Guyver Shizu Onuma and Mizuky Segawa

 Guyver Sho Fukumachi 1

 Guyver Sho Fukumachi 2

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Gallery Created: 2/28/2005
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