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Released in 1984, this movie version of Macross features stunning animation that still holds up very well even after two decades. Although you can watch this movie without prior knowledge of the TV series, it really is meant for fans who have seen the series already. Because this movie mainly focuses on Hikaru, Misa and Minmay, many other characters like Max, Milia and Roy are sort of in the background and don't do much. There are also a few plot holes here. The movie opens with the Macross already at Saturn, and no explanation is given about what they're doing there and who the Zentradi are. Also, when Hikaru and Misa are caught in the fold operation of Britai's ship, why do they end up on Earth instead of where Britai went? Despite these minor flaws, there's a lot to like here. The classic love triangle plays out a bit differently. Minmay has been aged up a bit to provide more mature, sexy competition for Misa. Also, Hikaru is much more decisive here and doesn't waffle back and forth between Misa and Minmay like he does in the TV series. There's also some great mecha combat here, especially the thrilling fight between Max and Milia. (Synopsis courtesy of

 Robotech - Macross DYRL Skull Leader

 Robotech Macross DYRL Cel- Roy Focker vs Regult Battle Pod

 Robotech - Macross VF-1S Valkryie Firing Away

 Robotech - Macross Hikaru & Minmay

  Robotech - Macross DYRL Minmay

 Robotech - Macross DYRL Caricature Art

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