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He is known as the Raven Spirit - Kabuto, a martial artist whose skills are legendary, and he wanders the land, fighting evil wherever he finds it. Since childhood he has honed his skills, forsaking friends and family in his quest to become the most powerful fighter known to man.
When Kabuto returns to a place from his childhood - a once prosperous village - only to find its rightful ruler dead, and its citizens reduced to terror, he has little choice but to fight. An evil queen, whose dark powers enlsave all around her, has taken the kingdom for her own, and rules with black magic and vile sorcery. Creatures of darkness obey her, and followers create bizarre mechanical beasts that exist only to server her.
A terrifying journey into illusion and despair await Kabuto if he cannot defeat his power and restore hope to the lands - but even his powerful martial arts skills may not be enough to destroy the forces that stand against him. (Synopsis courtesy of animanga.com)

 Kabuto - Kabuto in Flight

 Kabuto - Villainess Tamamushi

Curator: baronv
Gallery Created: 2/28/2005
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