Mobile Suit Gundam 0079

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In 1979, a revolutionary new anime series named Mobile Suit Gundam from creator Yoshiyuki Tomino began airing on Japanese television. It was revolutionary for many reasons. It was completely unlike the super robot shows that were so popular in the 70's. Instead of being a special super robot, the title mecha of the series was a piece of military hardware. Also, instead of being a robot of the week show, Gundam was an advanced war drama. There were many other minor advances, such as no longer announcing ridiculous special moves. The superhero aspect seen in series such as Mazinger Z was totally gone. (Synopsis courtesy of

 MS Gundam RX-78 Close-up and Prepared for Battle

 MS Gundam 0079 Mecha behind shield

 MS Gundam Mecha captured by enemy

 MS Gundam - Gundam RX-78 in action pose

 MS Gundam Guncannon

 MS Gundam - Gundam 0079 Zaku

 MS Gundam - Gundam Char's Zaku

 MS Gundam - Amuro Ray in Gudam pilot suit

 MS Gundam - Amuro Ray Pilot Suit

 Mobile Suit Gundam - Amuro Ray and Frau Bow

 Mobile Suit Gundam Characters

 Mobile Suit Gundam Lalah walking by

 Mobile Suit Gundam - Amuro Ray in uniform

 Mobile Suit Gundam - Bright & Bow

 Mobile Suit Gundam - Kacilia Zabi

 Mobile Suit Gundam - Lalah head shot

 Mobile Suit Gundam - Char Sitting Down

 Original Gundam Collage

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