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After the end of Victory Gundam in early 1994, Yoshiyuki Tomino took a five year hiatus from Gundam. In 1999, he returned to the Gundam franchise with the 50 episode series ∀ Gundam (read as Turn A Gundam) as part of Sunrise's "Gundam Big Bang" 20th Anniversary celebration. As to where this series falls in continuity wise, it is set neither in the Universal Century or any of the the previous alternate universes. Set in Correct Century (CC) 2345, this series tells the story of a war between space colonists calling themselves the Moonrace who wish to colonize Earth, and the Earth Militia forces, which use the ancient Turn A Gundam to retaliate. " Gundam is a dramatic depature from the franchise in many ways. Instead of being set in an era of high technology, it is set in a future that has regressed to the early 20th century. Also, the unorthodox design of the title suit comes courtesy of American Syd Mead, best known for his work on Blade Runner. (Synopsis courtesy of Mahq.net)

 Turn A Gundam Striking

 Turn A Gundam Looking Up

 Turn A Gundam Sword Fighting

 Turn A Gundam Punching

 Turn A Gundam Walking Action

 Turn A Gundam Running

 Turn A Gundam Group

 Turn A Gundam Sumo Mecha

 Turn A Gundam Loran and Sochie

 Turn A Gundam Harry

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