Macross II

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In 1992, the tenth anniversary of Macross came around, and Big West decided to cash in. Therefore, it created the 6 episode OVA series Super Dimension Fortress Macross II without the consent of Shoji Kawamori or Studio Nue. Because Kawamori was not involved with the series, it is not considered to be part of the official timeline and is relegated to 'alternate universe' status. Directed by Ken'ichi Yatsuya and Kenichi Yatagai, the series features character designs by original series designer Haruhiko Mikimoto, along with scripts from original series writer Sukehiro Tomita. In this series, 80 years have passed since the end of the war in the original Macross series. Earth has been re-developed, but it faces a new threat at the hands of the Mardook, an alien race that uses music to control their Zentradi slaves. (Synopsis courtesy of

 Macross II VF-2SS Close-In Shot

 Macross II Valk VF-2SS 1

 Macross II Valk VF-2SS 2

 Macross II Sylvie in Valkryie VF-2SS cockpit

 Macross II Sylvie cel

 Macross II Ishtar

 Macross II Hibiki

 Macross II Marduk Ingues

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