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Cels from Super Dimensional Calvalry Southern Cross a.k.a. Robotech: The Masters.

Southern Cross was an anime series which aired on Japanese TV in the spring/summer of 1984. It was composed of 23 episodes, and was cut at half its run due to lack of popularity. (This is where most people get their opinions that it wasn't any good. Fans of Max Headroom will see why this is a mistake) Whether the storyline was compressed to fit these 23 episodes or the "end" of Southern Cross was actually the halfway point is open to debate, unless we can contact the original creators and ask them, it'll have to remain an open question. The show tended to spend the majority of its time developing its characters, and the story unfolded at a rather slow pace, which was probably why it dropped in popularity. (Synopsis courtesy of

 Robotech Southern Cross - Dana Sterling cel

 Robotech Southern Cross Promotional Cel

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