Macross 7

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Macross 7 premiered on Japanese television in October 1994, exactly twelve years after the start of the original series. Created by Shoji Kawamori, the series and is subsequent spinoffs were directed by Tetsuro Amino. Thirty-five years after original series, the Macross 7 fleet explores deep space in search of a planet to colonize. The relatively peaceful journey ends when the fleet is attacked by the Varauta, who are controlled by mysterious aliens known as the Protodeviln. Whereas the original series focuses on a young military pilot, Macross 7 instead focuses on Nekki Basara, the lead singer of the rock band Fire Bomber. (Synopsis courtesy of

 Macross 7 VF-11C Battloid with Fast Pack Cel

 Macross 7 Main Characters Group Shot

 Macross 7 Singers

 Macross 7 Gamlin in Pilot Suit

 Macross 7 Mireya

 Macross 7 VF-17D in Battloid Mode

 Macross 7 VF-17s in Group Flight

 Macross 7 - Mireya's VF-17S Red Valk

 Macross 7 Sound Force action shot

 Macross 7 VF-19 in Battloid Mode

 Macross 7 VF-19 ready for battle

 Macross 7 - Vf-19 side shot

 Macross 7 VF-19 View from below

 Macross 7 - VF-19 in transformation

 Macross 7 - Fz-109A Ergazorn 2

 Macross 7 - Fz-109A Ergazorn 1

 Macross 7 - FBz-99G Zaubergern

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